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Our Story

Pub & Eatery
Est. 1920

In 1920, FRED & MAE PERRAULT acquired land from the railroad and built the Turtle Lake Commercial Hotel. 


Upstairs, the Hotel housed 10 sleeping rooms at a price of $1 per night. Today, those 10 rooms have been converted to three renovated Hotel rentals. 


Downstairs was the hotel lobby, with rocking chairs and newspapers to comfort working men and travelers. The Hotel dining room featured white linens on six dining tables. The dining area appears a little smaller as the kitchen was across the back of the building until Eugene Hammer moved it during his tenure as owner.


On the left, where the bar stands today, the hotel featured a lunch counter, soda fountain, and candy counter. In 1935, after prohibition ended, the Perraults converted the lunch counter area to a bar, adding beer and whiskey at 15 cents per glass. Though the price of beer and whiskey have changed, the original back bar remains. Likewise, the Hotel name remains to this day because no local would ever refer to this space as anything but, "The Hotel."



A. J. Perrault Hotel Bar.jpg
Jen Mike and Jack Swenson

More recently, the Hotel was purchased by Jennifer and Mike Swenson in 2007 who brought new life to downtown Turtle Lake and new life to the building with many upgrades, including adding Airbnb suites upstairs. Truly making the "Hotel Bar" a Hotel once again.

Now, keeping it in the family, Jack Swenson (Jenny and Mike's son) has purchased the bar business from his parents, and is now making it his own!

We welcome you to the Hotel Bar & Grill and sincerely hope you enjoy your stay!

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